An Introduction: What IT Is All About

I like to think of my life as a series of fortunate events. One without the other means I would be a completely different person, leading an insanely different life. Without my 8th grade art teacher, would I really have learned how to shade a pencil drawing of an artichoke? Without my first year of partying at college, would I have an amazing web of friends all over the world? And without going to Italy for only a semester, would I have met the man I am with today? (I say probably on that one.)

There are so many events in my life that have led me to where I am and to the person I am today. I think we can all agree on this concept. When looking at the title, KeepingUpWithIt, the IT refers to everything; my life, your life and the connections between them.  It also speaks to the battles in our lives. We all have our battles, our bumps and our bruises, but it is how we deal with everything that makes us come out on top.

With that said, I am here to write through one particular battle that has crept into my life like a snake, twisted and hissing. Needless to say, I will take it down with Gryffindor’s sword if it is the last thing I do. Where can I get one though…?


About keepingupwithit

I currently live in a sweet little neighborhood in Minneapolis with my darling fiance and awkward dog. I love to draw, write, eat cookies, go for long walks, and drink lots of tea. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and do some freelance design work on the side, but work full time at a theater in town. This is a place intended for me to speak my mind, and hopefully for you to speak yours as well. Thank you for visiting!

3 responses to “An Introduction: What IT Is All About

  1. Cindy Salmon

    Hey, You can get one at for only 27.95 or from skymall for 195.00 same thing too. oooxxx mummy

  2. Danielle Cote

    This is beautiful Jenn, I was just thinking of you and remembered the 8th was the big day. Good to know what you’re dealing with you have all my support. love love love! I’ll be looking out for sword sales, sales on swords and the like.

  3. Ancy Tempesta

    Jen, I think you were born with a sword in your hand. You’ll be fine. Love, Ancy

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