Confused? Yes.

I e-mailed my doctor to specify exactly what the side effects are going to be, and among the usual suspects of dizziness, headaches and risk to stroke, tumors and cancer were thrown in there, as well as possible double vision and muscle weakness.

I know I said everything comes with a risk, but I am finding myself not convinced that radiation is what I should do. Logic tells me to get another opinion. I have held off my appointment for treatment, and plan on seeking assistance through Mayo Clinic in Rochester and hopefully a holistic doctor.

The whole reason they want to go into my brain is to prevent a bleed from happening (weakened vein bursts, causes stroke and possible brain damage). So, why can’t I find another method of preventing this from happening that doesn’t involve cracking my skull open or burning tissue in my brain? What if I ate foods that kept my blood pressure low (it’s pretty normal at this point)? And what if I continue not to smoke, eat well, and exercise?

I am hoping to meet with a holistic doctor to discuss these options. I know that there is no way to naturally take out the bad tangle of blood vessels without going in there with machines or knives, but there must be a way to keep it from rupturing.

That is where I stand now. The holidays are thankfully distracting me, but come the new year I need to start doing something. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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I currently live in a sweet little neighborhood in Minneapolis with my darling fiance and awkward dog. I love to draw, write, eat cookies, go for long walks, and drink lots of tea. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and do some freelance design work on the side, but work full time at a theater in town. This is a place intended for me to speak my mind, and hopefully for you to speak yours as well. Thank you for visiting!

One response to “Confused? Yes.

  1. Cindy Salmon

    Good Idea Jenn!
    Love mummy

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