Happy New You

Well the upcoming new year has me thinking… a lot! What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I do that? Should I stop eating sugar? Should I start balancing my checkbook and keep better track of my spending?

A lot is going to change in this new year, and I am excited to announce that I have some pretty solid goals, which don’t include losing weight. That is just a given. My main goal is to find fifteen minutes of peace each day and soak my feet at least once a week in hot water with lavender oil…

I was hitting some brick walls; more and more just kept cropping up, but I think I have knocked a few of those suckers down today and might be getting some answers to my questions.

Over the holidays I had some time to think, and eat lots of cookies. I thought about these risks that, in an earlier post, I made clear I could bravely take on head-first.

I am always skeptical of the medical industry and sometimes think there is nothing wrong with me, but I am taking a chance and going to talk to someone at Mayo Clinic in Rochester before I meet with a holistic doctor. I had to call ten people and their mothers to get the information I needed, but I think I am finally getting somewhere.

I don’t know when my appointment will be, but I hope it happens soon. Plus then I will get to visit some friends in Rochester that I haven’t seen in a couple years. Bear with me, things will start moving along and soon enough (if I go ahead with radiation) you will see pictures of me with a frame screwed to my skull. I have to remember the human body is a miraculous machine and all will work out in the end.

Until then, happy new year and best wishes to you and yours.


About keepingupwithit

I currently live in a sweet little neighborhood in Minneapolis with my darling fiance and awkward dog. I love to draw, write, eat cookies, go for long walks, and drink lots of tea. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and do some freelance design work on the side, but work full time at a theater in town. This is a place intended for me to speak my mind, and hopefully for you to speak yours as well. Thank you for visiting!

One response to “Happy New You

  1. Cindy Salmon

    Happy New Year to you too!!!!!I think I will take your advice and do the 15 minute and foot soak thing.
    Love Mumsy

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