Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

I have done it folks! I have an appointment at Mayo Clinic on Valentine’s Day. I will be driving to Rochester, MN with my lovely fiance (yes, I am engaged-eth to be wedd-eth), and pictures of my brain in hand. We will then sit in a waiting room for a while, hopefully not too long, and chat with someone from the neurology department about those funny spots in my brain.

Then (hopefully) we will have lunch with a good friend of mine I haven’t seen in almost two years! It seems like yesterday we were staying up all night in our studios painting, eating a groggy breakfast at Key’s Cafe in St. Paul and beating our desks with yellow foam tubes when we got frustrated with the idea of art.

Then in the evening Jeremy and I will stay home with the pup, make delicious food and eat s’more pie. Holy crap am I am a lucky lady!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me.



Bif, Bam, Boom

Vertigo: A spinning, woozy, nauseous ride.  I am sitting at my desk and all of the sudden the floor and ceiling switch places. It’s not a very pleasant feeling, and lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I wonder if this is because of my AVM or because I had a doughnut this morning. Maybe my body is punishing me for the delicious round cake.

So, now I am waiting. I am waiting for a form in the mail so I can sign off on my private records to be sent to Mayo. Then I call the U to send my slides and imagery from my tests to Mayo. Maybe I will have to wait for that too. Then I wait for Mayo to call me to make an appointment.  Then, I drive to Rochester and sit in a white office and have the doctor tell me there is something wrong with my brain…

If there is indeed something wrong with my brain, and I need to get it fixed, I hope beyond hope that the dizzy spells, headaches and wooshing sounds go away.