Socialism would be awesome

Hey, so I just want to start with saying that Norway, Sweden, Germany, and France really know what’s up when it comes to taking care of one another. I say yes to high taxes, because we really need to help each other if we want to get anywhere in this world. Our country seems to be based on greedy, pillaging, scared old men who wanted to be different than everyone else. I digress…

After that last hopeful post, I went through a fucking mud pit with my health insurance. I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating it was. Full of 20 minute holds on the phone and people not listening to me. It all started when they didn’t change my address. I moved in June and sent them my new address with my premium payment. I then spent the summer getting into my new job, going to doctor appointments, and settling into my new home. I had an Angiogram scheduled for August 1st, and I did all the prep work the month before (staying healthy, pre-op exams, and (ohhh) stressing the fuck out). So when I went in for the procedure, I was scared, but ready to just GIT-ER-DONE. I was checking in, and the receptionist said, “your health insurance has been canceled”. WHAT? CANCELED!? So, in a nut-shell, I had to cancel the appointment, spent weeks on the phone with people, gave them money, and then cried a lot. It was their fault (they even admitted it). They didn’t change my address and therefore I didn’t get my insurance premium notices. And then they decided to cut me off, no phone call, no e-mail, no attempts at getting a hold of me when my mail got bounced back to them. Oh, and apparently the mail can’t be forwarded because of sensitive information, but that week I had the IRS forward mail to me with my income and social security number on it…um…

So, regardless, I am still dealing with my insurance, and now I am no longer employed (Part-time seasonal). Because I am in this situation, I need to apply for different insurance (MA) and go through all the waiting…I think it is interesting to see how poor really feels again. I am rich with love and family, but my situation really bums me out sometimes. I am looking at this current unemployment status as a great opportunity to get into something creative, and try to make some money at it. I will also be donating Plasma to get some cash on the side ($300 or so a month). I am swallowing my pride, and signing up for state food assistance and rent assistance, because I might as well use what is there for me.

That is something I like about this state, but I can’t stand the hoops and “if this, then that” crap that we have to go through. I think the medical part is the most irritating. There are people far worse off than myself in near fatal situations that need to decide whether or not they want to have $400 K bills hanging over there heads for the chance at a few more years of life. This system is so fucked! I remember hearing a story about a man who lost his pinky and ring finger in an accident. They had the remaining parts of his finger, and said that attaching the pinky would cost $12,000 and the ring finger would cost $60,000. Because the guy was a die-hard romantic, he went for the ring finger, and had that bill waiting for him at the end of the shiny white tunnel.

I’m bitter, pissed, and feel like something SOMETHING needs to change. I say, yes, raise taxes and take care of those who are unable to take care of themselves. Fix our schools, fix our healthcare, and fix our fucking people.

Sorry for the F-Bombs.

I could rant for days and days, but I won’t. I am in limbo with my insurance, not sure if I am officially covered, and definitely not sure if I want to go through with this angiogram. I don’t want to deal with anything medical right now. I have to go through another pre-op exam, and then HOPE that everything is covered. Why the hell is this a problem for people in this country? Why can’t we worry about more important things, like being with family and raising intelligent, well rounded children who can understand that this world is precious and not something to toss around like a toy. People need to wake up and realize what is going on. We need to appreciate our people, and stop being so blind to the bullshit going on. Starving children, STILL flood victims from Katrina without homes, drug problems, drinking problems, homelessness… I think I feel to much… I saw a dying baby squirrel on my walk the other morning and started to cry.

I am going to wrap this up with one thought. I am okay, I have a roof above my head, and a family that I love and loves me back. I can see trees out my window, and breath fresh air. I don’t hear gun shots during the course of the day, and I have space to grow food. I am lucky.





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I currently live in a sweet little neighborhood in Minneapolis with my darling fiance and awkward dog. I love to draw, write, eat cookies, go for long walks, and drink lots of tea. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and do some freelance design work on the side, but work full time at a theater in town. This is a place intended for me to speak my mind, and hopefully for you to speak yours as well. Thank you for visiting!

One response to “Socialism would be awesome

  1. mumsy

    Hey Jenn,
    That was awesome. It is really strange, that last paragraph you wrote. because I said that same thing to myself this morning.
    Why can’t life be just a itty bit easy?
    ooox Love Ya mumsy

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